Sree Chakrapani temple is situated about 5 kms north of Payyannur and 3 kms south of trikaripur on the Thankayam - Elambachi road. The temple situates in a vast scenic and serene area.

Sree Chakrapani Temple

Parasurama (one of Lord Vishnu's "avathar") during his journey to Kerala concentrated on the construction of temples. He constructed a city of towers and mansions decorated with gold and precious stones. He made a menagerie for elephants with arrangements for feeding and breeding. This place is known as "The Village of elephants"(Karipuram) and later on "Thrikkaripuram" which with the passage of time came to be known as the present day "Thrikaripur".

Arayal Thara, peepul tree

At the entrance of the temple a Peepul tree with erected platform welcomes everyone and an "Elangi" (Minusops Elingi) tree at the north east corner provides soothing shade and stands as a living symbol of many a legend to tell.

The idol inside the sanctum sanctorum is said to have been age old.It is believed that the origin of the temple dates back to the era of "Parasurama" and the idol was solemnised and consecreted by him.

The mythological and legendary annals limelight the deep rooted references pinpointing this temple.The origin of the temple is narrated in chapters 21 to 24 of "Brahmanda Puranam" and this particular part is known as "Kerala Mahathmiam".It is in the form of a conversation between sage "Garga"(The Yyadava guru) and "Yudhishtira" narrating the glory of leading to eternal salvation.   read more on the legend ...

On the south west corner there is Ganapathy temple surrounded by trees, creepers and medicinal shrubs.In front of the main entrance there is "Padmatheertham"(Lotus Lake) from where the origin of the temple begins and it is maintained as a place Sacro-sanctity.


Just adjacent to this there is "Aarattukulam" where the idol is dipped on the eighth day of the festivel during the "Meenam" month of Malayalam calendar. The surroundings are salubrious and the temple basks in an aura of sanctity and serenity to those who are devout and imparts divine bliss especially during the dawn and the dusk.