As an outcome of the ‘Swarnaprashnam’ conducted during 2010 Chinga masam, renovation of the Temple is in progress. The Temple Committee targets completion of the renovation by 2014.

The ‘Chuttambalam’ which is in ruins is planned to be completed initially. The approximate cost for this will be around Rs.10 lacs. After which, renovation of the Namaskara mantapam will be taken up, the expected cost is Rs.5 lacs followed by the renovation of the small pond that will cost about Rs.10 lacs. The committee intends to take up the above work on top priority which is expected to be completed by Apr ‘11.

The 2nd stage will be to initiate the renovation of ‘Sreekovil’, the cost is budgeted to be One crore. In the 3rd stage, the ‘Thamarakulam’ where ‘Gajendramoksham’ is believed to have taken place is intended to be taken up. The cost of this will be about Rs.1.5 crore.
The 4th stage is to complete the construction of the ‘Compound wall’, ‘Nadapandal’ and ‘Padinjare Gopuram’. Expenses for all the renovation together is budgeted at Rs.5 crores. Temple Committee requests all Devotees to contribute liberally for this Development.

Renovation Work in Progress

Future renovation Plan also includes, Thamarakkulam renovation

Thidambu Nritham-2

Thidambu Nritham-3