The "Gajendra Moksham" Story

“ കും‌ഭീന്ദ്രൻ പോയ്‌ ത്രികുടാചല സരസീ മുദാ
പണ്ടഗസ്ത്യസ്യ ശാപാൽ
പിൻ കാലിന്മേൽ കടിച്ചമ്മുതല കടിവിടാ-
അന്നേരം പോന്നു വന്നാൻ മുരരിപു ഗരുഡാ-
രൂഢനായ് ധ്യാനശക്ത്യാ
നക്രം ചക്രേണ കൊന്നക്കരിവരനഥ സാ-
യൂജ്യമേകി മുകുന്ദൻ “

  The above given "dhyana shloka" reiterates and strengthens the story on the origin of "Trikarpur" and "Thamarakulam"
Gajendra Mokhsham

As per Mythology, the belief is that there lived a King by name Indradhyumnan. Once while he was deep into meditation, a Sage Agasthyan arrived and the King did not realize the arrival of the sage. This angered the sage and he cursed him to become an Elephant.

On the shores of river Saras, Devalan a sage was meditating. A Gandharvan was having a merry time with the Apsaras on the shores which angered the sage and he cursed him to become a crocodile.

Meanwhile Indradhyumnan in the form of Elephant (also known as " Karivaran ") reached the place Trikutachalam.

Indradhyumnan ( " Karivaran " ) entered the river and he was attacked by the crocodile. Both held on to each other with equal strength for One thousand years.

The elephant remembered his original form; he prayed to Lord Mahavishnu to free him from this extremely painful death lock of the crocodile. Mahavishnu appeared on the mighty Garuda (‘Garudaroopan’) and killed the crocodile with the Sudarshana Chakra.

Indradhyumnan was given Moksha, and it is this holy appearance of the Lord to free his "baktha" which is revered and symbolizes the deity of Sree Chakrapani Temple.