The narration of the temple as per "Brahmanda Puranam" is as follows:

Once sage "Agasthya" happened to visit "Vaikundam",the abode of god "Mahavishnu" and he was presented a "Chathur Bhahu" idol with him with a piece of advice to adore the idol everyday in ritualistic liturgy with which he will be bestowed with happiness, wealth, prosperity, offsprings and salvation. Pushkara faithfully followed the advice and led a life of splendour.

Arayal Thara, peepul tree

Once "Devendra" along with "Narada" visited pushkara and was attracted by the aura of the conspicuous idol creating an inherent attraction towards it. He eagerly desired for the prosperity which its possession would bring. Narada advised Devendra to keep the idol in a more holy place.

While Pushkara was asleep Devendra took away the idol and was believed to have hidden it in the "Padmatheertham" in front of Sri Chakarapani Temple and entursted "varuna" to protect and watch over. Deeply affected by the loss of the idol, Pushkara had indulged in uninterrupted panance,fasting and reciting hymns. Lord Mahavishnu consoled him in his dreams and directed him to follow the array of ever blossoming flowers.

He trekked through the forest and reached sahya mountain ranges and met "Sambara Muni" who was in deep meditation. He advised pushkara to worship "Durga"(the godess of power)till Parasurama reaches there. But after a time lag Pushkara started his onward journey as indicated by the array of blossoming flowers. He reached "sapta sila"(Seven Hills-Ezhimala). Looking around he found a lake of blossomed lotus flowers(this is known as "Padmatheertham" later on) in the north and moved by aiming at it. With folded hands and godly thoughts he circumambulated the lake and started meditation. It is said that he witnessed the visit of Devendra often for worship at the lake.


Parasurama prayed for the apperance of the idol and it appeared at the centre of the lake to the surprise and delight of all. It is told that the idol itself proclaimed "This lake is my abode and will be known as 'Padmatheertham' here after". A dip in it on the "Thiruvonam'(Acquila) day of "shravana" month by keeping me in mind and observing rituals will keep away from sins and will confer prosperity and finally lead to the salvation". The Thiruvonom day of Shravana month is observed as holy day for the temple.

Pushkara with the advice of Narada Muni took out the idol and Parasurama consecreted it in the temple which he had constructed.The Pooja and other rituals were entrusted to "Tharananallur Illam" which still continues.


Arayal Thara, peepul tree

There is an idol of a Tamil Brahmin just at the entry to sanctum-sanctorum in "Sashtanga Namaskaram"(prostration) propitiating the diety.There are certain inscriptions in tamil on the same granite stone.

During the "Devaprasna"(Astrological observations to know the will of the deity) in March 1994,it was observed amoung many other things that the origin of the temple is connected with a Tanjavur Brahmin.

The mythological beliefs are often proved true or confirmed by the existing rituaistic practices and the keen analysis of the ruins of the past.Any how it is established beyond doubt that is temple is age old,antique and ancient.